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Before beginning my career, everything started with school. Attending Manhattanville College obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Studio Art led to obtaining a Masters degree. Pace University provided an opportunity to build up the work done in Manhattanville and led to a Master of Science in Computer Science.

After that my career began at XS Games. First starting as contract Quality Assurance Analyst testing titles for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and Sony PlayStation 2. This lead to an opportunity to return after my contract was up as a Technical Quality Assurance Lead Analyst. The role involved working in greater depth with games and learning how Sony and Nintendo perform Technical Requirement Checks for their hardware. This lead to a promotion to Senior Quality Assurance Lead Analyst that invovled working on test planning and build creation for the team. It also involved teaching Junior QA Analysts how to perform Technical Requirement Checks for Sony and Nintendo systems.

After working at XS Games, my career invovled working at Sony during the day and with games on the side with Shadow Keep Studios as a Game Developer and Dualshockers as a Contributing Writer. From there I shifted into advertising with my time at Ziff Davis working support for the team moving to Eyeview Digital building code to make the dynamic videos come to life as an Integration Engineer. Learning the systems at Eyeview and building tools led me to the Software Engineer in Automation position where I would had more of a hand in the technology side of the Client Integrations team.

Recently I launched a YouTube channel that talks about building games and understanding mechanics from concept to implementation.

Professional Highlights

Global Game Jams Attended: Pen and Paper Jam: Playcrafting Classes / Workshops: Unity Dev Days - New York:

Professional Awards


GGJ - Decor Hero - Highest APM Award

Global Game Jam - Playcrafting + Microsoft



GGJ - Deceptive Platformer - Voted Best Game At Venue

NYU Game Center