Canceled Noise - A Secam Jam Game

Canceled Noise is a game that was solo developed for the Secam Jam. Snow Man is trying to cancel your show. Avoid him long enough to stay on air. To do so players must stay off of lit panels long enough to win.

Development of this game was done using Unity, C#, some Photoshop, and FamiTracker for the music.

Check out a video of the game here: Link
Latest Version: Github Repository

Time System Mechanics

Ever wonder how time is handled in games. The code posted on Github below is a simple demo built to show off three different time systems used in games. The demo allows users to set the time to real world time with an hour modifier, a custom game time, or move time forward with a trigger event. The YouTube video talks about these time systems and games that implement them.

The demo was built using Unity, C#, and the Unity Asset store.

Check out a video of the game here: Youtube Video
Latest Version: Github Repository

Pokeball Mechanics

Ever wonder how it is decided if a Pokemon is caught. The code below is built to show how the capture mechanics work in current Pokemon titles. Along with the code is a YouTube video that discusses the way catching mechanics used to work in earlier Pokemon games compared to today's games.

This code was built using C++.

Check out a video of the game here: Youtube Video
Latest Version: Github Repository

Decor Hero

Decor Hero was developed during the 2019 Global Game Jam. The game throws players into a room with a gun that shoots furniture, paint, and flooring. Players are given the opportunity to design and decorate a room to their desires. Players can also paint the furniture using any of the paint colors.

The project was a solo effort making use of Unity, Visual Studio, Unity Asset Store, and Photoshop. The game won the venue award for Highest APM. The award represents best use of project management tools in the creation of a game during the 48 hour game jam.

Check out a video of the game here: Youtube Video
Latest Version: Github Repository

Location Toolset

The Bing Based Location Tools are a revamp of a toolset developed a few years ago for generating custom maps with multiple pins. These tools can be used for determining what locations are closest to each other and format maps showing their locations. Custom pins can be setup that will be mapped to each location and display them within a webpage generated by the code. This code can also be used for getting address information.

This toolset was developed using Java, Bing API, and HTML.

Latest Version: Github Repository

Wedding Site

In 2018, the task was set to create a personal wedding website. One of the most important goals for the site was to make everything clear and easy to find while injecting personality onto the site. The site was developed to be adaptable for mobile devices for that would allow view on smaller devices.

The technology used for the site consists of HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Site Link: Wedding Site
Latest Version: Github Repository


KtM was developed during the 2014 Global Game Jam and has players infiltrating a party for their chance to get the Mayor. Players move around in first person view and socilize with other guests in order to into the Mayor's inner circle for a chance to strike.

This game was developed as part of a two person team that included Michael Bartnett. Responsibilities consisted of creation plus implementation of all art assets and development of the gameplay management systems. Design duties were shared. Michael was responsible for sound design and gameplay programming.

The game was built in Unity with C# and art assets were created using Photoshop.

Latest Version: Github Repository