I am Paul Quinones and you have found your way to my site. So a little about myself, I have worked on various games and many other projects that span various hardware from PC to iOS to game consoles. My work has taken me from games to digital video to web work to some art related projects to dynamic video advertisements. To get a better scoop on me you can check out my experience page here or by clicking up top.

From a developer standpoint, there are so many aspects of technology that interest me from predictive algorithms and programs to tools development that can help streamline day to day tasks. I think software should be of use to everyone in their day to day and make more manual tasks easier or help improve the way we learn and do things. A big interest of mine is in using games as a way to teach various skills such as math or literacy or even computer programming. But, in order to accomplish such goals, I spend time trying to think of how users interact with their software just as much as what the software will actually do.

Games have always been an intersting aspect of human culture that has been relevant in ancient times just as much as it is today. Things may have changed from long ago where now we have the ability to play games of any sort of portable device instead of requiring game boards and pieces. Games are defined as a form of play or sport that follows a set of rules. My interest in how these rules can bring about new interactions. With today's technology focusing on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, it will be interesting to see what sorts of new interactions can be developed in games, apps, and all other kinds of software.

Side Note: Pokemon Trainer since September 1998 (Friend Code: 2681-1331-2451).
"Less but better." -Dieter Rams